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About Jilly

About Jilly

Hey! Welcome to Jilly Bakes.

My names Jilly and this is my Atkins story.

It all started for me in my Gap Year when I left for New Zealand in January 2010 weighing just under 8 stone, and returned 7 months later weighing 11 and a half stone. At a height of 54, this fast three and a half stone weight gain made a considerable difference! I had been working in a restaurant, and had been getting free meals, and taking home all the left over muffins at the end of the day. I had no limit - one chocolate bar was never enough.

When I came back, I was miserable. My best friend laughed at me, in shock, when she saw me back home for the first time. None of my clothes fitted me anymore, and instead of going out with my friends and family, I would hide under my duvet feeling sorry for myself. Im obsessed with fashion and shopping - I was only just 19 and my self-confidence was ruined.

To lose the weight, I decided to take up a low carb diet. My mum had already been on Atkins for 7 years with great success (not only losing weight but also in reducing cholesterol levels and avoiding predicted diabetes), and had started up her own website, www.avidlite.co.uk, selling low carb and diabetic products. I had 6 months until my first year was going to begin at University, and I was determined to lose all the weight by then. By the time September came round, I had done it - just by cutting down considerably on carbohydrates (and barely any exercise!). Now, three years down the line, I am still on Atkins, and am never going back.

I have always been passionate about baking, and resented the fact that other members of my family could still eat the sweet treats that I loved whilst I sat there with a bit of sugar-free jelly or a lump of cheese. So I decided to take up the challenge of creating low carb versions of all my favourite dishes. My friends, who have always been extremely supportive of me, suggested I started doing my own baking videos and uploading them to YouTube. So, in the midst of my Maths degree, that's what I did! At first it felt a bit odd - standing in my kitchen, on my own, talking to my computer screen. But now it feels so natural. I would do it all day, every day, if I could.

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