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When the order is placed at our website, credit and debit card numbers are encrypted on a secure site (SagePay), not part of our website. They are not held in clear text on any web site. The receipt that is enclosed with your goods does not contain your card details.

When making a payment by credit or debit card, you enter the SagePay payment gateway website, which is totally secure, and your details are not seen by anybody, not even ourselves. We do not have access to anybody's payment details. We can perform refunds but cannot take payments. We have opted for this way of doing things so as to give cardholders the maximum possible protection.

As we do not handle or access anybody's payment details, we accept orders only that are placed online using the above secure system, where nobody can see or access your details. All card payments go through the 3D-Secure process, giving further protection to the cardholder, and are fraud checked, including payments by PayPal.

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